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Public Lending Right 2010

by Rob - February 19th, 2010.
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I’ve been telling other writers about Canada’s Public Lending Right system for 18 years now, and it always amazes me that some Canadian authors still haven’t bothered to register.

The Public Lending Right compensates (to some degree) Canadian authors for the loss of royalty income they have because their books are in public libraries. Most Western countries have a variant of this system, but, as in so many things, conspicuously not the United States.

Here’s my report for 2010, which arrived in today’s mail along with a cheque for Cdn$3,486.00, the maximum amount an author was entitled to this year. (If there had been no maximum imposed, my share would have been Cdn$5,840.54.)

(The 1992 article linked to above says that they survey 10 libraries; that’s an old figure — the current figure is 7 libraries.)

For all my posts about the PLR, see here, and the PLR website is here.

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