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First look at cover for Wonder

by Rob - June 3rd, 2010.
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Here’s a first look at the cover for Wonder, concluding volume of my WWW trilogy, coming in early April 2011 from Ace in the US, Penguin in Canada, and Gollancz in the UK. Click the image for a larger version, and click again if your browser is still scaling it down.

The covers for all three volumes of the trilogy are by the amazing Rita Frangie.

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  1. Very nice cover art. You might even say it is a “binary beauty.”

  2. Ooooo very slick.

    Why is the ending of Star Trek – The Motion Picture springing to mind? ;)

    Can’t wait to read it!

  3. The saying “can’t judge a book by its cover” just proves that conventional wisdom is not always right on target. In this case, because the cover is thought-inspiring, and so is the book, I daresay without having even read it. It’s a shame we are forced to wait almost a year until I can back up my statement with hard evidence.

  4. Looks great. I’m already looking forward to it!

  5. Another awesome cover.

  6. Wow. That’s beautiful. Rita Frangie is amazing.

  7. Beautiful.

    I’ve always wondered, did the illustrator (Rita Frangie in this case) read the books before designing the covers?

    Love Wake, love Watch and I can’t wait for Wonder.

  8. The cover looks awesome Rob… I just finished Wake today. I’m a little upset because I had the weekend to myself as my wife was going to be away. I ended up in Chapters at 3:30 yesterday and needless to say I was done with Wake by 2:00 this aft. There are so many things that didn’t get done – but books like this are what drizzly, dreary weekends are for. I have loved the premise and the combination of character/ science/humour/perspective in the last several books. I’m now eager to continue with Watch – but I may wait for Wonder (or a vacation time when I don’t have other obligations/expectaztions…

    I had a great idea at the start of the book – I was going to make a list of the music listed in Caitlin’s Blog Entries… I was hoping to first get some insight on cool new music that you were recommending and second make myself a neat soundtrack to go along with it… I was so disappointed last night when a search on itunes suggested that you had made up the Lee Amodeo music personality… Oh well, she sounds awesome…

  9. Lee Amodeo is a very good friend of mine — and, until recently, the chair of Ad Astra, Toronto’s annual science-fiction convention. :)

  10. I picked up Wake on Monday, drove to chapters on Tuesday in search of Watch and now I am pining for Wonder. The cover art work captures the theme of the book – nice job.

    Wonder when it will be on the shelf.


  11. That is a tremendously beautiful cover! But I must ask: is it the same girl as displayed in the previous covers? Somehow, to me, this girl we see head on doesn’t appear to be the same…

    That said, I am not an artist and adolescents grow so fast nowadays. A little artistic change in profile or shape of a face is not something I’m familiar with.

    Nonetheless, let’s just say it’s beautiful!

  12. I don’t believe it’s the same girl.

  13. I wish more SF had covers like this — covers aimed at both genre and mainstream readers.

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!
    Don’t wanna wait for Wonder!


    I have always loved science fiction but so often, these days, I am very disappointed with what is available.

    Excellent stories Mr Sawyer. Thank you.

  15. I finished the audio versions of both Wake and Watch. Jessica Almasy who reads Caitlin’s parts is just fantastic. She has a beautiful voice. Oh, and the story is pretty incredible as well. Can’t wait another 9 months!

  16. I just finished Wake and, in much the way Hominids did when I first discovered your work several years ago, it floored me. I finished the book and immediately went to the Toronto Library site and placed a hold on Watch, can’t wait for that notification to come.

    Thank you for your endlessly intriguing stories.

  17. Loved the first two – couldn’t put them down.
    But now I’m DYING to read the 3rd one.

  18. Just finished Watch. Looking forward to Wonder.

    Have just discovered the unfortunate fourth “W” in the series: Wait.

    Thanks again for a great read :)

  19. That is beautiful. The covers for this trilogy are probably the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Wake is still my favourite cover of the three. Probably my favourite cover of all time!

  20. I am a huge fan of Wake and Watch. I learned of these books after listening to an interview Rob did with Freedom Scientific, the company that makes JAWS. As I am totally blind, I am also a JAWS user. I can’t wait to read Wonder. In the mean time, can someone describe the cover that is posted here?

  21. Hi, Jim D. Thanks for the kind words! The cover shows Caitlin Decter leaning against a wall. The wall has a shiny, reflective surface — so you can see her reflection in it. Streaming downward in the background are a lot of binary strings like “010101,” and a background of swirling colors that represent webspace.

    Caitlin looks pretty, is wearing a bracelet, has brown hair, and a string of it is tumbling down over her forehead onto her face. She has her hand up and is touching the wall; she’s wearing a bracelet on the arm that’s raised to allow her to touch the wall.

    The overall color scheme is yellow, orange, purple, and black.

  22. I have just finished both Wake and Watch in just about a week, much to the dismay of my wife. Robert, you are my favorite author by a long shot and I desperately hope to one day meet you. I’m excited for Wonder and I may have to re-read some of your older books to get my mind occupied in the mean time.

  23. like

  24. I can’t wait for the 3rd book. The first 2 were amazing! I’m reading the Quintaglio Ascension now, which is also freakin’ awesome!

  25. Can not wait for the audible edition!

  26. Just finished Watch, which I made myself wait for. Loved it, as I always love your work Rob! And can’t wait for the next chapter! Also loved the Star Trek references as always. Thanks again for sharing your gifts!

  27. Dear Mr Sawyer,

    Thank you for writing Watch! I finished it in the wee hours this morning.

    As a devoted reader of Sci-Fi, I am amazed and overjoyed to have “discovered” you recently. To date I have read “Rollback” and “Wake” as well; and loved them both. I cannot wait to read your other work!!!

    PS: Sequels are not supposed to be better than the first book…are they…?!

    BR, Morne of South Africa

  28. Yeah, yeah, great cover. I don’t want the cover, I want the book.( scratch scratch) I have the first two – when is this one coming out? ….(sniff)..I gotta monkey on my back….I needa fix soon.

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