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Inside Edition’s Jim Moret loves the FlashForward novel

by Rob - June 6th, 2010.
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Jim Moret, chief correspondent for the TV news magazine Inside Edition, recently posted his review of my novel FlashForward on his Facebook page:

I became hooked on the ABC series Flash Forward which, sadly, has not been renewed. Today I bought and read the novel that inspired the show. This is a great read – it is provocative on a philosophical level as well as being an excellent mystery, not so much science fiction as speculative fiction. It makes you think long after you have finished the last page (for me the book was a one sitting read because I needed to see how it ended) Better still, I wrote to the author, Robert J Sawyer, and he graciously wrote me back the same day! When does that happen? Anyway – I recommend this book. Enjoy.

How cool is that? Since Jim anchored CNN’s coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial in 1995, I’m sending him a copy of the beautiful new Penguin Canada edition of Illegal Alien, my novel inspired by that trial (in which “the trial of the Centauri” rivals “the trial of the century”).

Jim has a new book of his own out, an inspirational memoir entitled The Last Day of My Life, published by Phoenix Books.

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3 Responses to Inside Edition’s Jim Moret loves the FlashForward novel

  1. It’s an excellent book — if all goes my way I will teach it as part of a university course this fall (not sure if I’ll be allowed to do the course yet). I read the book not because of the series but on the recommendation of my friend Christian Bok, a writer of note himself.

  2. I love hearing news like this. Awesome.

  3. I started out watching the series on TV, here in Norway. However, after a while the broadast day/time became inconvenient for me so I had to quit.

    Now I am halfway in the book and it’s 10 times better than the series! A brilliant piece of work! :-)

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