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Audiobooks of Wake and Watch

by Rob - June 25th, 2010.
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I’m lovin’ my associating with and Brilliance Audio. The former offers a bunch of my novels as audiobooks for download; the latter offers some of the same productions on traditional audio CD and also on MP3 CD.

I just got copies of the 12-disc CD version of WWW: Wake and WWW: Watch, and each sports snazzy art, plus exclusive introductions by me. These are multivoice productions, starring Jessica Almasy, Jennifer Van Dyck, A.C. Fellner, and Marc Vietor, and they’re absolutely terrific. You can get the Brilliance Audio CD versions at major retailers or online (Wake is here and Watch is here), and all of my material here. All the audiobooks are unabridged.

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  1. Beats listening to it on JAWS, as Caitlin would likely read it!

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