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Lightwedge Flex Neck ebook light

by Rob - September 17th, 2011.
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Just under a year ago, I reviewed the Lightwedge Verso ebook light. I thought it wasn’t bad, but could use some improvements. Now, Lightwedge has brought out a new ebook light called the Lightwedge Flex Neck Tech Light — and this one I don’t like at all.

I’m unhappy for four reasons:

(1) The clear plastic covering the LEDs isn’t flush with the cowling around the head; instead, it protrudes about a quarter of an inch — meaning light sprays all around, including directly into your eyes; I couldn’t find a comfortable angle for lighting the screen without having light pouring at me, too.

(2) When closed — so that the head is tucked into the clamp — the on/off button is exposed through a round hole and almost flush with the surface, making it very easy for the thing to accidentally get turned on while in your briefcase, or wherever, draining the batteries. Also, another round hole exposes the entire acrylic cover for the LEDs, so that it can easily be scratched in transit. Whoever thought putting the holes in the clamp was a good idea perhaps has a few too many holes in his head. :)

(3) There are only four tiny little dots of silicone on the clamp (two on each side, each about a quarter-inch in diameter) to prevent scuffing/marking whatever you attach the clamp to — and if you have a soft leather case for your ereader, these will leave indentations. It should have had a large silicone patch on each side of the clamp.

(4) The on/off switch makes an audible click when you press it. These sorts of lamps are often used for reading in bed without disturbing a partner; the switch should be silent (yes, this one is quieter than the switch on the Lightwedge Verso ebook light — but it’s still much noisier than it needs to be).

On the plus side, the neck is longer than on most ebook lights, and the clamp opens much wider.

If you are going to get one of these, get the all-black model. It’s the only one with a black neck; the other models have silver necks that will reflect light into your eyes.

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2 Responses to Lightwedge Flex Neck ebook light

  1. So,

    Having just purchased a Kobo, your review of ereader lights has become of sudden importance.

    What reading light *do* you use and/or recommend?

  2. Hi, Dale. I’m using this one:

    I haven’t found anything better, but my complaints about it still stand. (And I don’t like the way the light fades over time until you replace the batteries — it starts off bright enough, but it slowly degrades.) :) Enjoy your Kobo!

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