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A great site for free ebooks

by Rob - December 26th, 2007.
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Over at, you’ll find 19,000 ebooks available in all popular reader formats, including my own favorite, eReader, plus Kindle, Mobipocket, Rocket, Palm DOC, HTML, and many more — the site will even produce a custom PDF to your exact specifications (font, type size margins, line spacing).

Included are almost all the Project Gutenberg offerings (but formatted for your favorite reading software) and a lot of more recent Creative Commons material.

What I’m reading now, courtesy of, is “Valley of Dreams,” the little-known sequel to Stanley G. Weinbaum’s SF classic “A Martian Odyssey.”

The site is the work of one guy, a fellow named Matthew McClintock. He offers all the books for free, but I just sent him a small PayPal donation to show my appreciation.

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