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One of the most pleasant Christmases in years

by Rob - December 26th, 2007.
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Carolyn and I started the day by visiting her mother’s house, where her side of the family had gathered, and then it was off to the home of my brother Peter and his wife Jacquie for a wonderful turkey dinner. A really nice day.

Among Carolyn and my presents were some TV shows on DVD, including:

  • Little Mosque on the Prairie, Season 1 (Canadian sitcom)
  • Extras, Season 2 (HBO sitcom)
  • Corner Gas, Season 4 (Canadian sitcom)
  • Seinfeld, Season 5

plus Battlestar Galactica: Razor and the new “Quantum Edition” of What the Bleep do we Know?, plust the new tin-box The Monkees Collector’s Edition CD set, Spock vs. Q — the sequel on audio cassette, and a lovely model Parasaurolophus, gift cards to our local cinema and Chapters, and lots of nice sweaters and shirts.

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